Hi, I'm Todd.


Here’s the short version of the story of how I started the Prevail Wellness Academy – encouraging you to make the most of your unique potential.  

A few years ago on a summer morning, I woke up before dawn to go for a run in a beautiful mountainside town I was visiting. After several minutes running through the quiet streets, I found myself at the top of a hill. As I watched the shadow of the mountain slowly moving across the valley just before sunrise, I grew keenly aware of the steady passage of time, and I found myself reflecting on my life.

On paper, my life seemed to be right on track. I had a wonderful wife and three precious children, a rewarding career, the means to travel, and time to reflect – I had every reason to be satisfied. 

And yet, I experienced a deep yearning for my life to mean more. I longed to use my time and talents to positively impact the lives of other people. When I returned from my run that day, I made a commitment to find and fulfill my deep sense of mission and purpose in life.

Following my realization that morning, I dedicated years to researching, taking courses, and working with wise and generous mentors. With time, effort, and help, I built skills in several areas of my life that I’d previously paid less attention to:

  • Being more present and savoring the little things in life
  • Establishing positive eating, moving, and sleeping habits 
  • Handling and processing unpleasant emotions and stress
  • Building the confidence to strengthen strained relationships 
  • Developing self-compassion and a healthy sense of identity  

This kind of multifaceted personal growth allowed me to create a path forward in my life that would align my time, talents, and energy with my purpose of helping other people in tangible, authentic ways.  

Eventually, my journey led me to founding Prevail Wellness Academy.


At Prevail Wellness Academy, our mission is to curate the highest quality resources supporting whole-person wellbeing in a single, accessible place, allowing people like us to progress in their journey of learning, growing, and thriving – much more efficiently than they could have on their own. 

We strive to provide holistic wellness education by some of the industry's top mental health & wellness experts in ways that use the most up-to-date, innovative learning approaches, so that you can maximize your personal growth and make a positive impact on the world around you

As part of our ongoing mission to help others in authentic ways, we donate 5% of our net profits to meaningful humanitarian projects – for example: 

Poverty in Morocco

A culinary school that is training and providing job placement for disadvantaged and impoverished women

Human Trafficking in Thailand

A safe house that is providing services to women and children who have been victims of human trafficking, preparing them to reenter society

Education in Zambia

An organization that is helping hundreds of marginalized girls in rural Zambia to attain a primary and secondary education

These are just a few of the ways that investing in optimizing your own potential can contribute to helping others around the world.

The first step is to discover where to focus your efforts, so you can become your most effective self.  That is why we created a 3-minute assessment that helps you identify which of the 5 domains of human potential you can cultivate to transform your life and achieve your highest goals.

Take our 3-minute personalized assessment!

Roderick B.

"Resilience is a skill that is vital to all of us, and Prevail Wellness Academy delivers on its promise to provide tools to combat the challenges of everyday life. The content is actionable and delivered in a concise, digestible manner. I appreciated the diversity of the instructors and their knowledge base. Prevail Wellness Academy has something for everyone!"

Lori G.

“Prevail Wellness Academy has helped me to reconsider and revisit old ideas with a new understanding. I have reinvented many a timeworn approach to problems. There are substantial and varied offerings that apply to many areas of my life. I have happily discovered effective methods to improve myself, be more joyful, and find healing in areas of my psyche which have long distressed me.”

Hannah D.

"Prevail Wellness Academy has helped me be more intentional about finding the time to focus on my wellbeing and has given me many helpful toolkits. I especially loved learning more about the connection between my mental and physical health, like how the food I eat and the environment I create at home can impact my holistic health."